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Streamyard Review (2021): Is This The Best Video Streaming Software For Content Creators?

If you’re looking for a video streaming software that’s perfect for content creators, we think Streamyard might just be the right one for you.

In this Streamyard Review, we’re going to show you what Streamyard offers, it’s pros and cons, how it’s priced, and why we think it’s such a great platform for content creators.

Stay right to the end and we’ll also show you how we use Streamyard for our content creation process.

Streamyard Review

What We Liked: Powerful and thoughtful features, seamless performance, intuitive user interface

What We Didn’t Like: Pricing might be a little pricey for those just starting out

TLDR Review: Streamyard is the ideal video streaming software for content creators looking to expand their online presence with live streaming and more.

What Streamyard Offers

Streamyard is powerful video live streaming software that’s simply a breeze to use. If you’re a content creator looking to run professional video live streams without having to mess with complicated technical setups, then Streamyard would be a perfect fit.

Once you sign up for Streamyard, you’ll access the intuitive app dashboard with options to integrate your social media platforms and launch new live streams.

Streamyard is browser-based

Streamyard is entirely browser-based, which means you won’t have to mess around with software downloads and installations. This means you don’t even need to bring your own laptop, as any laptop with a modern web browser will suffice.

Powerful live streaming studio

Another area this video streaming software shines in particular is the powerful live streaming studio. Once you enter a live stream session, you’ll have access to the studio controls, which lets you invite and interview guests, share your screen, and control the layout of host and guests appearing on the stream.

Seamless integration with key social platforms

Streamyard integrates directly with Facebook (both pages and groups), YouTube, LinkedIn, and several other platforms. The integration was seamless and we were able to start streaming in a matter of minutes right after signing up for the platform.

Increased audience interaction

Streamyard let’s you interact with your audience easily on your livestream, with a few key options. For example, users can comment on your live stream and you can highlight the comment to show on screen – adding a deeper level of engagement and making your audience member feel special.

Fully brandable live stream with call outs

Your live streams are fully brandable, and that means everything from showing your logos, colours yo images and websites. Further customise your live stream by up

Example call to action shown in the live stream images, GIFs, and even videos.

Pros of Streamyard

It’s powerful and just works out of the box. One big thing is that it’s really user friendly and the user interface is intuitive, so your learning curve is minimal. Like Streamyard says on its website,

Cons of Streamyard

The price is slightly high if you’re just starting out as a content creator. But then again, there’s always the free plan to check out.

Streamyard Pricing

Streamyard has a Free plan, Basic Plan and a Professional Plan.

Streamyard: Would We Use It?

Yes, definitely. In fact, we’re using Streamyard regularly in our content creation work, through live streams and video podcast recording. Video is really important these days with users showing a preference to watch video content. Streamyard makes putting up video live streams a breeze and you end up with lots of valuable video content as a creator.

Streamyard Review: Some Final Thoughts

If you’re a content creator that’s looking to get serious with video live streams and video podcasting, we would recommend giving Streamyard a try.

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